Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dinosaur Jr - Pieces: Let's play like it's 1993!

Released through PIAS on 21.09.09

Say this release by Dinosaur Jr sounds like Nirvana or Foo Fighters and you would be right. However, to say 'Pieces' - for it's what the single is called - is ripping these guys off would be wrong. 'Why?' I hear you ask. That would be because the band formed in 1984 and arguably influenced the likes of Kurt Cobain. They reformed in 2007 and this offering from this year's Farm album shows they've still got it.

The single somehow manages to straddle the worlds of 90's grunge and old school 1980's rock and roll. The distorted guitar riffs and the slightly droning vocals of J Mascis certainly wouldn't have sounded out of place in 1993. However, they still sound good and many young pretenders of alt rock could only dream of playing this way (mentioning no names of course...).

At four and a half minutes long, Pieces is a long single but within it are some excellent instrumentals. Riffs like these were all the rage during the 1980's and I dare anyone who listens to 'Pieces' to look me in the eye and say they wouldn't want to get down on their knees and play air guitar along to one of these fine solos; Dinosaur Jr's music hasn't featured in certain guitar based video games for nothing after all.

The music may not be revolutionary and yes, Mascis may slightly mumble the lyrics - but what grunge band in the early 90's did record music with perfectly clear vocals? They may now be in their forties but based on the evidence of 'Pieces', Dinosaur Jr can certainly still provide the goods.

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