Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Get Back Guinozzi! - Low Files Tropical/Police And Thieves

Weird - but in a good way. That's the best way to describe this debut single from Get Back Guinozzi! Singer Egantine Gouzy says the song is about an Indian monk who was 'half, monk, half junky' So it's probably right to suggest that Low Files Tropical was always going to be rather interesting to listen to.

The single has a rather tropical sound - as suggested by its title. It's pleasant, and it's inoffensive with a steady drum beat backing up a jangling guitar and a keyboard. It's easy to imagine an instrumental version of the Low Files Tropical being featured on a Mediterranean holiday programme

This isn't entirely surprising given that Get Back Guinozzi are originally from the South of France. It's therefore fair to suggest this could be the reason behind some rather odd (some would stay CSS style) lyrics which are actually quite difficult to get the mind around - and that's before Miss Gouzy's lyrics have been doubled up!

Low Flies Tropical certainly veers into the experimental, and occasionally even sounds dreamy. However, the tropical sound is pleasant and the 5 pieces first release is rather pleasing to the ears.

The band's double A-side debut offering also features a cover version of Junior Murvin's 1976 release Police and Thieves. Of course, The Clash covered this just a year later, but Get Back Guinozzi's version certainly feels closer to the original version - the tropical beat owes much to the Murvin's reggae sound. (Note: This is not a swipe at The Clash!)

It's upbeat, it's catchy and it's easy to understand why it's been added as part of the release.

Both tracks certainly offer something different to the skinny boys in even skinnier jeans direction a lot of bands are going in, so if you're after something a bit different - maybe with a French tropical vibe - you should have a listen to this.

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