Friday, 2 October 2009

Review for Gobshout: Eight Legs - I Understand

You may not know it, but you've probably already listened to music by Eight Legs. Their 2007 single These Grey Days featured in the background of a television anti binge drinking campaign - the one where the bloke throws up over himself before going out - which is probably rather apt considering the track begins with 'I've been short of logic so I'm passed out on the patio'

Moving forward two years, its 2009 now and one debut album later the band appear to be working towards a second - if the release of new single I Understand and a mini tour to promote it are anything to go by. What this single offers is another track from the four piece that appears to blend an upbeat tempo with angst filled lyrics. (They're only young bless 'em they can't help it)

This angst also appears to give singer and guitarist Sam Jolly the opportunity to do his best Robert Smith impression and the vocals certainly do have an element of The Cure to them. Who would have thought it? Someone called Jolly who sounds a bit glum! Not that emotional influence in music is a bad thing at all - if music didn't have any it wouldn't exist as we all know and love it! The only negative issue with Jolly's vocals is that they occasionally dip into the world of mumbling so it could take the listener a few attempts to actually decipher what 'the message' of this track is.

The lyrics may be somewhat downbeat but this is nicely juxtaposed against the lively guitar riffs of Jolly and Jack Wharton. Meanwhile, Adam Neil and Jack Garside keep the beat flowing well on the bass and drums respectively. Eight Legs sound is hardly revolutionary, but I Understand is easy on the ear and the band play their instruments well. Despite the downbeat lyrics, this single could quite possibly have been a festival hit if it had been released a couple of months ago - it's easy to imagine a bunch of people in a muddy field bouncing along to it.

Stay Cool is the singles B-Side and it's an all together rawer affair and the introductory guitar riffs could easily be mistaken for something by The Hives or The Vines. It's louder, shoutier and has more energy than I Understand and could it's not hard to imagine this being part of a double A-Side rather than just a secondary track. Perhaps this slightly punky offering suggests the band might be heading in a different direction with their second album.

These two tracks certainly show that Eight Legs have some potential and we'll have to wait for their second album to be released to see if this is the case. But on this evidence it sounds promising.

Released through Boot Legs on 05.10.09

(Orginally written for Gobshout)

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