Monday, 9 November 2009

Game-Debate News: MPs At War Over MW2

An MP has started a group in an attempt to stop other politicians 'Beating up on gaming.' Labour's Tom Watson set up the group within hours of Keith Vaz's comments in The Daily Mail

The former Minister for Digital Engagement has set up Gamers' Voice on Facebook with the intention of founding a gaming pressure group. Mr Watson states:

"Are you sick of UK newspapers and (my fellow) politicians beating up on gaming? So am I. The truth is, UK gamers need their own pressure group. I want to help you start one up.

I don't know how it should work yet but please register your interest if you agree that gamers need their voice hear in the corridors of power.

And if you have any ideas, please post them to the wall"

He also adds "This group is unashamedly pro-video games. We aim to discuss how UK video gamers can find their voice in newspapers and government."

At the time of writing the group has over 650 members and counting. (100 extra people joined while this article was being written!)

Tom Watson himself doesn't approve of the controversial content in Modern Warfare 2 but points out the violence is no different to that in films or books and says as long as there is a well policed classification system there isn't really an issue.

Modern Warfare 2 is released tomorrow.

(Originally written for Game-Debate)

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