Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Live Review for Gobshout: The Rifles at The Coronet Theatre, London 23/10/09

This was The Rifles homecoming gig I suppose. A performance in a packed out London Coronet Theatre to signal the end of the bands UK tour before they headed across the channel for series of European gigs. So when the venue's speakers started to play Down South to signal the band was about to appear it was rather appropriate. They casually wandered onstage and after Joel Stoker greeted the audience with "Alright London" the band launched their set with Local Boy with the crowd joining as soon as the song reached the chorus.

Local Boy was the first of a string of tracks from The Rifles 2006 debut album No Love Lost with One Night Stand and She's Got Standards coming next. The latter was played especially well and the crowed obviously enjoyed it... if you can judge that by the amount of plastic glasses being thrown about and this continued through Repeated Offender, with the crowd once again singing along to a track that was played with excellence.

The band threw in some new tracks after these golden oldies which went down rather well but of course no one knew the words! A sombre sing along accompanied Peace and Quiet. The 'quiet' section of the set continued with History from this years album, The Great Escape before the pace picked up with raw renditions of Hometown Blues and Sometimes which were very much appreciated by the crowd if the action at the front of the venue was anything to go by. The excitement just increased when the thumping bass line of The Great Escape's opening track Science Violence was played and the crowd enthusiastically clapped along to Toe Rag

These were only the highlights and The Rifles played a long set - I counted twenty songs - however my scrawled notes unfortunately mean I can't dissect every single one! With the amount of crowed surfing that was occurring during the encore its evident the fans were very satisfied with what they were seeing. It was a good gig in a venue that wasn't small enough to be intimate but not big enough to have no atmosphere. The only issue with the Coronet Theatre was the drinks prices! £4.50 for a pint of Fosters? Really?

Of course, enough of the fans were drunk enough on the music to care about this, a fine home coming gig for The Rifles. Here's hoping their third album gives them the accreditation they deserve.

(Originally written for Gobshout)

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