Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Game-Debate News: MPs Pro-Games Group Gains Over 6000 Members

A Facebook group set up in response to anti-gaming remarks made by Keith Vaz MP has reached over 6000 members in just one day. Labour MP Tom Watson founded Gamers' Voice "to discuss how UK video gamers can find their voice in newspapers and government."

The group aims to be more than just a flash in the plan. Replying to a comment on Twitter, Gamers' Voice said: " (the) intention from the start was to make real force for change not just Facebook group that fades away after few weeks"

Both the Facebook group and Twitter pages are urging members to get other games involved with the intention of starting a pressure group to give gamers some government influence.

The row over video game violence began with comments made my Keith Vaz in The Daily Mail about Modern Warfare 2.

The game was released today and is expected to break all sales records and is favourite to be the Christmas number 1.

(Originally written for Game-Debate)

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