Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Game-Debate News - Call of Duty: Retailers at War

Today's release of Modern Warfare 2 has sparked a price battle between several major retailers. The latest in the Call of Duty series has a RRP of £54.99, but look in the right places and gamers can pick it up for less than half of that.

£26 is all you'll pay if you buy MW2 from Sainsburys. That is, if you can actually find a copy of it in store. Both of my local stores are completely out of stock.

It costs £32 (on consoles) if you buy it from Amazon. This may be £6 more than Sainsburys but at least it's in stock and it still comes in at £22.99 under the RRP.

Play.com, GAME and Gamestation are all selling it for £44.99 on consoles or £34.99 on PC.

Surely this price war can only be a good thing for gamers who have long felt they are being ripped off when it comes to prices.

(Originally written for Game-Debate)

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