Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Free DLC for Mass Effect 2

Bioware have announced that Mass Effect 2 will feature free downloadable content right from day one through 'The Cerberus Network'

This in-game portal will allow players access to news free and updates - as long as they own an original copy of the game. This essentially means if you buy a second hand copy of Mass Effect 2 you won't be able to download the additional content.

What does the first DLC pack contain I hear you ask? Well, according to Bioware:

"Players who access 'The Cerberus Network' will receive the first DLC pack on January 26th (launch day in North America) featuring new missions and in-game items. Included in this pack is a mission that introduces Zaeed, a rugged and deadly gun-for-hire who is recruited to join Commander Shepard's mission to save mankind"

Further downloadable content will include The Hammerhead, a new vehicle for the Mass Effect 2 universe, along with additional missions. You can read the full statement about 'The Cerberus Network' here.

Mass Effect 2 is released in Europe on January 29th and you can discuss it here.

(Originally written for Game-Debate)

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