Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Game-Debate News: Dragon Age DLC On Hold

Bioware have revealed 'Return to Ostagar' the recently announced downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins has been delayed.

The new DLC was supposed to be released today, but Bioware Community Leader Chris Priestly has used their forums to say:

"We’re sorry but the planned Return to Ostagar downloadable content scheduled to launch on January 5th has been delayed for all platforms.

We will update you as new information becomes available"

Brief ay? There is currently no word as to when the DLC will eventually be released but it'll cost 400 Bioware Points. Unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit longer if you want to take on new enemies in the Battlefields of Ostagar, reclaim the lost arms and armour of a king and get a second chance to add dog to your party.

You can discuss Dragon Age: Origins here, or in the new Game-Debate Forum.

(Originally written for Game-Debate)

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