Monday, 1 February 2010

Marvin B. Naylor - Little Speck Of Blue

Charming, Intelligent, Psychedelic Folk

The beauty of the earth, getting older, the end of the world and colonising other planets: are these a series of university lectures or television programmes? Nope, they’re all subjects Marvin B. Naylor has managed to cram into his charming new single Little Speck Of Blue. Not bad going for a song that’s three minutes and forty seconds long.

I was immediately grabbed by the dreamy, almost psychedelic 12-string guitar in this folk record, which mainly just features Naylor and his instrument, save for some backing vocals in the middle.

The Little Speck of Blue? That’s earth, and this song is about how it’s often taken for granted but without being preachy, far from it. The lyrics are warm and often made me smile: ‘They’ll learn of love and death and hate, and learn why certain paintings are great’

Somehow, Marvin B. Naylor manages to remain cheerful while singing about the end of the world in 5 billion years time;’ The seas will boil, and it’ll be like Venus, no place to have a home, but we will have long since discovered Earth like planets and made more buildings that people can go up and down’

This is a charming, intelligent, track and Marvin’s skills as both a lyricist and a guitar player are demonstrated nicely. Little Speck of Blue is delightfully warm and it’s easy to imagine listening to this on a sunny hillside in the summer. Here’s hoping Marvin B. Naylor will be able to play in a delightful countryside environment sometime before the earth has ended.

(Originally written for Gobshout)

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