Monday, 29 March 2010

Single Review: The Twilight Sad - The Room

In a time when it seems any young man with a guitar and a fake cockney accent can lead a band, it’s great The Twilight Sad buck this trend with their powerful, piano led new single 'The Room'.

The Scottish four piece demonstrate they’re different to the norm with the A-side featuring little prominent guitar work with the exception of the brooding bass of Craig Orzel. Brooding is certainly the key word here with foreboding lyrics like “Don’t tell anyone else that you were seen at the cherry tree, look what you have done” and “You’re on your own because you said you failed to care.” 'The Room' feels very dark thanks to the gloomy but powerful vocal style of vocalist James Graham – imagine if Editors Tom Smith sang with a Caledonian brogue and you’ll be about right.

The Twilight Sad start building to a climax about two minutes into 'The Room' with the haunting piano melody getting heavier and dominating the track to such an extent the vocals are somewhat obscured. Despite this, 'The Room remains an intense, brooding single that will almost certainly stir powerful emotions in the listener.

The B-side comes in the form an acoustic version of The 'Neighbours Can’t Breathe' which is played beautifully by guitarist Andy MacFarlane. This track is pleasant, relaxing and even touching with the main theme being “don’t frown.” Like 'The Room' this is a highly emotive piece of from the four piece from Kilsyth.

This is a good single and it’s refreshing that The Twilight Sad aren’t just group of lads churning about cheery, paint by numbers indie pop. Both of the tracks on 'The Room' demonstrate how powerful just a single piece of music can be.


Released 29/03/09, Fat Cat Records and originally written for Gobshout)

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