Friday, 11 June 2010

Bodi Bill - Two In One

When you’re given an album to review, you can sometimes get an idea of the feel of it by looking at the track listing. Tracks can have bland names or they can be interesting and this occasionally points to what the content will be like. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with Berlin based electro-rockers Bodi Bill and their debut UK album Two In One – the track names are the most interesting part of this.

Be Home Before Dinner is a weak opener – it’s bland, lifeless and very repetitive. It doesn’t have any vocals and arguably goes on for too long. Unfortunately things don’t get much better through the 46 minute long album.

The electro and rock influences don’t come together well at all. Maybe this should have been a rock album, or perhaps the better suited electro album, but it just doesn’t straddle the gap between them very well.

All of the synth based tracks more or less sound exactly the same. Sometimes there is a piano, or what sounds like a drum machine but it doesn’t really improve the quality of the album. There just doesn’t seem to be much to it. God knows when you’d actually play it...Two in One sort of makes good background music but only in the way that you don’t really realise it’s there. It wouldn’t be played in a club because the tracks are too slow and, frankly, boring.

I don’t like being overly critical but I just don’t see the appeal of this album. At least it isn’t bad enough to make me want to put Needles – the name of the albums penultimate track – into any park of my body.

Apparently this band is at the heart of the European Underground. Maybe that’s where they should stay.

(Originally written for Gobshout)

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