Friday, 11 June 2010

The Ghost - City Lights

If I were to ask you to name a famous Belgian, you may struggle at first but would probably at least be able to name a Premiership Footballer, perhaps Marouane Fellaini? (yes, he’s namedropped purely as an excuse to show that impressive afro)

But if I were to ask you to name a famous Faroe Islander, you’d probably fail and I’d be cackling, twiddling my moustache – if I had one – revelling in my diabolic victory. However, if The Ghost have any sort of success they’ll probably be the most famous exports of those little Islands.

City Lights is the debut single of The Ghost, two young men from the Faroe Islands. Filip Mortensen provides the vocals while Urbanus Olsen provides the electronic synths. The track opens with a quiet little melody on the keyboards, it’s pleasant and could be the introduction of a children’s TV programme. Things soon pick up with some heavy indie-guitar rock at a high tempo. It’s catchy and energetic and will make you want to move your feet for sure.

Vocally, my first impression of Mortensen was that he was attempting to mimic The View, though this is probably unlikely. His singing is decent enough but it’s difficult to distinguish if he has a distinctive sound from this one track offering. The same goes for the sound of The Ghost in general. City Lights is a catchy, energetic indie-electro-rock offering and is probably performed well live. However, it’s difficult to properly form an opinion of the band on one single alone. Their debut album ‘War Kids’ is released later this month and it will be easier to assess them properly once it sees the light of day.

City Lights comes with four, yes four, remixes. While none of them can really help you form an opinion on the pair from the Faroe Islands, they provide an interesting enough offering. You’ll especially like them if you enjoy dance music or are just a fan of beeps, boinks and other strange noises in general.

This single is worth picking up for the upbeat, catchy riffs and with the full five tracks being almost 28 minutes in length it’s longer than some albums.

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