Sunday, 11 July 2010

Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home

There are two things that can seemingly happen to an artist than features in a list of artists to watch out for. They either achieve massive success a la Florence and The Machine, or they seemingly disappear into relative obscurity like VV Brown.

So, after featuring on the BBC sound of 2010 list, does Come Back Home give any indication as to which way Two Door Cinema Club will go?

Well, these three lads from Bangor, Northern Island can have their musical style best described as electro indie-rock – an arguably oversubscribed area these days with many, many artists jockeying for chart positions. Come Back Home is a decent track, but it could very well get squeezed by more established artists.

After a short, chilled out introduction, the track kicks off properly with the somewhat predictable combination of guitar, bass and synths. That isn’t to say the beat isn’t catchy – it is, thanks to the bass of Kevin Baird – but it’s just so very familiar. If you were listening to an instrumental version of Come Back Home, you could easily mistake it for something by Reverend and The Makers.

The whole combination of the vocals of Alex Trimble, combined with guitar, bass and synths just comes across as so generic. This isn’t really helped out by the repetitive lyrics:

“So now your own, won’t you come back home, to see you your not that kind, to the strength to find another way” is repeated throughout the track, and despite the key changes, the vocals and lyrics of Come Back Home seem bland. The three remixes on this release just see these lyrics repeated even more.

So, if you like electro indie-rock, there’s nothing to say that you won’t like single number four from Tourist History, but with so many artists producing similar music, you may just end up ignoring Two Door Cinema Club.

If they want to be anything but electro pop also-rans, then album number two will need a reinvention of style in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. If they don’t then despite their decent sound, it’ll be music Room 101 for them.

(Originally written for Gobshout)

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