Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car EP

Almost exactly one year after the release of their second album, Forget the Night Ahead, The Twilight Sad return with The Wrong Car. This four track EP marks something of a watershed for the four piece from Kilsyth, with it being the bands first release since the departure of bassist Craig Orzel earlier this year.

The good news is that Orzel’s departure hasn’t been negative for the band, with The Wrong Car demonstrating that The Twilight Sad are still very capable of producing their distinctive, powerful sound.

begin with its title track of the same name which very much follows in the footsteps of previous releases by the band. A quiet, piano only introduction sounds ominous as it slowly builds up to the distinctive Caledonian brogue of vocalist James Graham. The dark, brooding themes give this opening track a similar sound to 'The Room', and the vocals, guitars, drums and piano all hold together very well; an extremely impressive feat for a track that is seven and a half minutes long.

As you can probably guess from the title of track number two, 'Throw Yourself In The Water Again', is also on the thematically darker side, with lyrics including ‘I’m dancing over your grave’ consolidating this. But that doesn’t stop it showing off the bands heavier, rockier side with some excellent work on the guitar and drums from Andy MacFarlane and Mark Devine. The only downside is that this powerful instrumental work occasionally drowns out the distinctive vocals of James Graham.

The remaining two tracks on The Wrong Car are remixes, with the first being a stripped down version of 'The Room' remixed by Mogwai. The piano and drums of the excellent original track have been stripped away leaving the foreboding lyrics backed by just an electronic beat. It somehow works, with the haunting themes of 'The Room' still being highly prominent. That said, it doesn’t quite work as well as the original track.

An Errors remix of 'Reflection on the Television' closes the Wrong Car EP and although it’s still a good tune, it’s arguably the weakest of the four tracks. It has heavier electronic beats than 'The Room' and it’s easy to see this being played in certain trendier bars (you know the types I mean).

The Twilight Sad
are currently working on a new album, and if The Wrong Car is a sign of things to come, it’ll be another cracker.

(Originally written for Gobshout)

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