Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog – Dyddiau Du, Dyddiua Gwyn review for Gobshout

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Yngve & The Innocent - Draw A Line review for

In these days of record labels increasingly churning out indie-folk-pop , those of us who need new music with a little soul seemingly have less and less to choose from. Want something more old school? Something that doesn’t sound like it was manufactured by some guy wearing a suit in a city skyscraper? Then Draw A Line from Yngve & The Innocent may be your cup of tea.

Hailing from Germany via rural Ireland, Yngve (apparently pronounced Ing-Vuh) offers something that could have come straight from the American mid-west... if you ignore the occasional Irish twang.

Draw A Line features Americana, folk and Bluegrass all rolled into one. The talk of rivers conjures up an image of a raft voyage towards the deep south. The piano – an underused instrument in these days of skinny jeans and pork pie hats – that leads Draw A Line sounds fantastic; and really compliments the old school guitar solos. The track is a pure slice of Americana with Yngve’s vocal style borrowing more than just a little from Bob Dylan.

B-Side Changing Tracks also sounds like it could have come straight out of the USA, with a sound that creates a mental picture of gritty old bars in the Wild West. This comes from the track being predominantly piano led, with the instrumental introduction alone taking up almost two minute of the 7 minutes of Changing Tracks. The excellent guitar solos tell their own sorrow stories that sound like they should contain large amounts of sippin’ liquor.

Yngve & The Innocent offers a breath of fresh air and has a Hell of a lot of soul. Buy this, add some Jack Daniels and enjoy this slice of German/Irish Americana.


(Originally written for Gobshout)